Posted by: atowhee | March 28, 2019


My friend, Roger Rigterink, lives in Wisconsin and last year he sent me a picture of his garden’s leucistic robin.  Then fall came and the robin went.  Patches is back.  Here’s Roger’s happy note:

Last year I sent you a picture of “Patches” – a robin with leucism that hung around our yard. (First photo below.) You posted the photo along with my report that, with an identifiable robin, we learned that a robin stays pretty much within a three acre area. “Patches” became a favorite for us to watch.
Now, one year later, we learned that a robin will return to the same territory that it inhabited the year before. In the second photo, taken just a few minutes ago, you will see “Patches” prowling around our yard looking for food.
Planning on going out to share a glass of champagne with him in celebration of his return later this afternoon.
Patches 2019:Patches '19Roger is right; many migratory birds are loyal to specific territory, especially on breeding grounds.

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