Posted by: atowhee | March 15, 2019


Our youngest grand-daughter on strike for dealing with climate change…about time, my generation has failed miserably. She’s in London. She’s the one with the Ikea sign and the British government has been about as inert as our own here in the United States of Petroleum & Gas.tabitha climateJust read about how much electricity is saved by converting from incandescent to LED lighting, actual average electric use per household is dropping in US.  More public support for conversion would be a good and worthy cause.  Not even going to hurt big corporations as the ones who make the old bulbs now make the new.  But we can conjure up anti-vaxxers, surfelytg hr Internet can give us a great conspiracy theory on how LED bulbs are a Chinese/Iranian/Venezuelan/socialist/anti-Christmas plot, right?


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    Stealing the future from our children and future generations is a crime against humanity.

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