Posted by: atowhee | March 14, 2019


The kestrels have paired off.  Today I saw a couple copulate on an electric wire, forty feet above the ground. That is an act none of us will ever match.  It is the first direction evidence I’ve seen this spring that the next generation is being generated.

Bushtits are now appearing singly or in pairs.  The flocks are breaking up into nesting units.  I expect my first Osprey any day now.

In full breeding plumage and busy with nesting preps are the local communards:

They will use a single next hole for all the eggs in the colony.  All adults help with incubation, brooding, daycare for the young.
Big birds, and little birds.  Ducks are scaup and Bufflehead and Mallard on Yamhill Sewer Ponds.

Cacklers loading at the sewer ponds:CACKS

This Bewick’s Wren was very angry about something, fussing and buzzing his way through the underbrush along the creek at the Yamhill Sewer Pods:

Some of the beauty outdoors now is stationary:

This last image above shows why robins and scrub-jays can often be found in the hawthorns.  Those freeze-dried berries have long outlasted most other fruit in this climate.

Things are looking up if you are looking down:

How many species growing on that old mossback?

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