Posted by: atowhee | March 8, 2019


Our of torpor and onto the feeder this morning, while the air temp was still only 35:

This was at a neighbor’s feeder.  Just a few minutes later I saw a female Anna’s sitting in a bare shrub in our own garden.

The Audubon’s Warbler is in the garden morning, noon and night…defensive against the Myrtle Warblers, quick to claim a feeder or spot on the terrace where there are sunflower seeds:

Flicker commands the suet blocks:

And the lower image shows how the robins deal with morning snowfall–get under the protective canopy of the cedars and pretend it’s a sunny day.
I can never resist watching or photographing these guys:tits galoreHere are two images from Salem’s Riverfront Park.  Bufflehead, grebe and Ruddy Duck in the river slough next to Minto Island.  Then Killdeer in derelict parking lot.

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