Posted by: atowhee | March 6, 2019


One of climate change’s direst threats to life is…the threat to the world’s olive oil production.  It has long been a fluctuating crop, up one year and down the next as trees take a summer off…but now the climate threatens to stop the two-decade upward climb in olive oil production.  Many olive-growing areas are already arid and may become uninhabitable for olive trees: California, nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Click here for report on drop in Greek olive oil.

Click here for report on Italy’s dearth of olive oil this year.

Click here for worldwide olive oil overview.

Drought is one of the better known climate change changes.  It is making some places already over-populated unable to sustain local residents, hence political unrest and extremism. violence, civil war, millions of refugees.  That, in turn, fuels anger and nativism in nations where refugees go to seek refuge.

In Central Asia long-term drought is doing away with two of the world’s largest inland bodies of water.  The Caspian and Aral Seas will require massive human intervention in a positive way to exist in the future.

Click here for update on the status of efforts to restore some of the Aral Sea.
And click here for report on move to at least get life back onto the dried lake bed.

Click here for status of the disappearing Caspian Sea, once the largest body of inland water on the planet.  Heat increase the evaporation rate in an arid land.  The sea is no longer good habitat for its namesake tern, the world’s largest.

Meanwhile, there are growing indications that much of Florida is going to be dealing with way too much water, most of it from the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico as coastal land goes under.  One observer marvels at the divergence of real estate vs. reality as condos go up at what is, for now, sea level.

Developers and realtors aren’t the only ones determined to profit before the game is over.  Our current political regime in Washington is making it easy for extraction industries to ignore any killing they may do of endangered species.  Would you rather have another tanker full of crude oil or some damned Whooping Crane strutting around a coastal marsh.  Real men want that crude…drill, baby…

Naturally there are some macho types who particularly hate any other alpha predators…so there is a move afoot to throw the wolves to…well, the two-legged wolves.  This is exemplary of the sort of machismo that thinks killing a tiger or polar bear enhances one’s stature.

Probably the only good news out of all this: Mara Lago is likely destined to be a salt marsh full of alligators and herons.

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