Posted by: atowhee | March 5, 2019


I know it’s still cold and snow is predicted here in northern Oregon.  I know the equinox is coming later this month, the first official day of spring.  I know that crocus and snowdrops bloom in winter, as they are doing right now.  I know the nights are still longer than the period of daylight.  Nonetheless…today spring came.  Around noon I saw a lone Turkey Vulture, circling and steadily heading north over the South Yamhill River in Joe Dancer Park.  The only conclusion possible: spring’s messenger.  Here it comes, ready or not.

There are now robins on every farm field, every playing field, the golf course, my lawn, your lawn, every pasture and park.  The robinhood is crowded with them.  These must surely be some of the millions that winter in California, now heading back northward. Woe betide any earthworm near the surface.   They are feeding, fighting whinneying, being a flock but asserting individual rights.  Not much spring song yet and even then not the whole quartet of slurred doublets.

Among the numerous robins at Grenfell Park on Baker Creek Road, I spotted a single Varied Thrush.

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