Posted by: atowhee | February 27, 2019


Keeping up with climate research could be a full-time job so while I was listening to Michael Cohen and his various interrogators today I scanned a few more recent reports.

Clouds may join bees and birds on the list of possible extinctions.

One broad prognostication brings deep, gloom. Click here for summary.
Ryun for the hills?  Is this a call for a new escape to the wilderness movement?
Here is a sample graph from the report linked to above: “Should people start building bunkers and buying bulletproof vests? ‘There’s no way of getting through this unless we try together,’ he says. ‘We need to help people stay fed and watered where they live already to reduce disruption and reduce civil unrest as much as we can.’ Of the Silicon Valley financiers prepping for the apocalypse in New Zealand, he says: ‘Once money doesn’t matter anymore and the armed guards are trying to feed their starving children, what do you think they’ll do? The billionaires doing that are just deluded’.”

Why are some young people so angry about the climate…and why should they remain so?  Click here for a look at what they see.

Finally, some not terrible news–wildflower explosion in the soaked hills of southern California.  Click here.

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