Posted by: atowhee | February 21, 2019


A bee we thought was gone.  A fellow mammal that is gone forever thanks to rising sea level.  A report on what climate is doing to Oregon.

The world’s biggest bee lives on, click here.  It’s named for Darwin’s evolution co-theorist.

Once endemic to an Australian island, this small critter is gone, not forgotten.  Climate change’s first known mammalian extinction.

The fourth climate assessment from Oregon State scientists.  This report is mandated by state law to be updated every two years, click here.  Last August Portland and Willamette Valley had the worst air quality on earth at that time.  Sea level rise could top eight feet by the end of this century, bad news for waterfronts along the coast.  Spring snowpack will continue to decline so that is terrible news for areas where run-off fills reservoirs…or fails to fill.  Couple that with numerous parts of the state already ground water negative.  More forest fires.  Longer growing season.  More hot days.  Dry summers.

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