Posted by: atowhee | February 16, 2019


Dear Ms Demetriou

I’m writing to inform you that I give my permission for my daughter Ruby Fuller in 12M not attend school on Friday 15th February; in order to join the Youth Strike 4 Climate protest taking place across the UK on that day.

I’m aware of UK law that permits parents to only give permission for their child to miss school on medical grounds or in a few other cases, one of which is under “exceptional circumstances”.

My view is that having only 12 years left to cut CO2 emissions by 50%, as per the latest UN IPCC report, before the disastrous consequences of climate change become irreversible, constitutes exceptional circumstances. And it in light of this that I’m giving my child permission.

It is disempowering and depressing for today’s youth to hear the constant horrific news about the environment, especially as this is the world that they are expected to grow up in and soon will be left to deal with. The fact then that they have very little power to effect how governments, TNCs and people in power deal, or fail to deal, with this issue can be extremely frustrating.

In case you were wondering, a few of these disastrous consequences are illustrated below:

– a football pitch size of rainforest was destroyed each second in 2017 and is expected to accelerate under Bolsanaro’s leadership [In Brazil].

– 26,000 species are currently facing global extinction

– a rubbish truck load of plastic is dumped in the ocean every minute;

– since the first UN summit on climate in 1995 the global emissions have risen by 60% and continue to rise.

– devastating impacts of extreme weather are in the news on a daily basis

I hope attending this demonstration will help my child to feel empowered and able to stand up for what is right, and for a better future for the planet.

I support her to attend the youth strike as part of active civic engagement, which is a core part of the curriculum. People under 18 years can’t vote, but with more of their life in the future, rather than the past, it’s they who are most affected by climate breakdown.

Many other forms of protest have had little impact on the status quo of burning more and more fossil fuels. Nowhere near enough is being done by governments throughout the world, including our own UK government which recently banned new on-shore wind investment; one of the UK’s most effective options for renewable energy because their supporters think wind turbines are ugly.

I respect her decision to attend this protest and I hope and expect you will respect her too. If you would like to discuss this in anyway please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

Emma [our daughter-in-law had to sign this letter to make it  legit, but it was actually written by Ruby herself.  Today this was in “NYTimes”:

[Our grandkids live in London area.  The large global climate strike by teenagers is set for Ides of March…they have the most to lose and I’m glad to see them take to the streets in protest against what we Boomers have bequeathed them, a badly damaged planet.]


  1. A nice letter from your daughter-in-law, and congrats to Ruby for taking action. With every letter like this written, awareness is building…


  2. Great letter, Harry. Apparently, the world’s trash pigs are going to have to learn not to mess with a Fuller grandchild!

  3. Great .etter Harry, continuing the family tradition.

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