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5.motherandchickonbasket51618img_6213We all know that forest fires will get worse in the arid parts of the U.S. as climate change continues.  What will become of the Great Gray Owls here at the southern edge of their North American range?
Now there’s a paper in the Condor bird journal that surveys all that we now know and what we may expect. Click here for link.

Bottom line: the owls continued to use the same hunting  burned meadows after the fire, indicating there was prey enough for them to survive.  At the same time GGOs became more numerous in meadows outside the fire perimeter so some factors in the region were encouraging to the population there regardless of the fire.

This study focused on meadows within the perimeter of the Rim Fire in the Yosemite area in 2013.  There have on-going studies and monitoring of the GGo population in that area as it is likely the largest of the species in California.  The GGO is on the state endangered list and there are believed to be fewer than 300 GGOs in California.  Yosemite and points south into Fresno County are the southernmost Great Grays on earth.



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