Posted by: atowhee | January 14, 2019


The loss of ice in the Antarctic is speeding up.

Many corporations have long opposed or ignored efforts to curtail greenhouse gas emissions and many fossil fuel companies love the Trumpian plan to up American pollution rates…but nature will prevail…and many corporations will suffer mightily.  Coastal facilities will be inundated, drought or fires or floods will damage property, liabilities will pile up.  In California it is not clear that Pacific, Gas & Electric can ever pay for its share of the responsibility for several recent forest fires.  Power lines are not underground where they are safe from wind and falling trees and sabotage (the Paradise fire may yet prove to have been result of somebody shooting PG&E power station and lines).

PG & E may be one of the first major climate change bankruptcies, but that can be seen as loyal and patriotic…just think of our President, a multiple bankrupt.  And so PG & E is taking a page from the Trumpian playbook and has promised to file bankruptcy, thus avoiding any damage payments to the many towns, counties, homeowners and businesses ashed by recent fires linked to broken electric lines.  All our power companies should be publicly-owned and run for safe and efficient service, not profit.  How many more years will we leave dangerous power lines running through forests, under trees, across bodies of water, along highways begging to be rammed by a runaway truck?

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