Posted by: atowhee | December 2, 2018


Here’s the latest round-up of terrible things our fellow humans are doing to the planet.  It would be hard to judge which nation is the most destructive right now…China?  US?  Russia?  Saudi Arabia?  Depends, perhaps, on whether you use gross numbers or damage per capita…

I was a determined log roller as a kid.  In the woods any old rotting limb was over-turned so I could view the earthworms, beetles, earwigs, spiders, centi-and-milli-peds, occasional salamander or even scorpion.  Those log rolling days were before pesticides were everywhere.  We did use DDT to kill flies on the milk cows, but little else.  Now the whole planet seems to be bugging out.  I blogged about the downturn in insects before…but this weekend the New York Times, came out with this in-depth follow-up.

The United Nations climate summit is happening right now while American media hyper-ventilates about Trump’s latest tweets and a dead former president. David Attenborough tells summit that it’s now or never.

We are now at the end game for climate say some scientists…better look more closely at those apocryphal movies…it won’t be nuclear war, it seems, but heat, drought and disease…germs can evolve so much quicker than mammals….and heat gives them year-round reproduction.  Dozens of generations per year means we can never keep our medicines effective against the newest drug-resistant infections…

What the Chinese capitalist market is doing to endangered species.  Superstition trumps science.

The U.S. Supreme Court is now in the hands of the corporatists; extraction of value at the cost of planetary damage is now a goal of the highest court in this age of extreme capitalism.   F### the damned frogs anyway…and they aren’t even French.  I link to this version of the story because it is important to see how right-wing voices celebrate profit over planet…every time.

In the U.S. Senate, the leading Democrat on the committee that oversees environmental regs and laws?  He’s a shill for the fossil fuel industry, of course…from West Virginia, dig, baby, dig…the only good coal is a burning coal, etc.

Finally, under the guise of necessary research our federal government is going to make life impossible for many sea creatures.  There should be two seismic blasts at Mara Lago for every blast in the ocean.

Here’s a glimmer–click here to read about how archaeology may have some lessons to help us survive the coming changes.

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