Posted by: atowhee | November 24, 2018


Every four years American government scientists are supposed to issue an assessment of climate change and its effects.  This one is a doozy.  Here’s National Geographic’s summary:

We birders all know how birds are adjusting their wintering range, their breeding range, even their migrations. Don’t tell Trump that birds know more about climate change than he does, it would make him so sad and such an obvious loser, poor man has a tender ego.

How can we understand this administration releasing the climate change report that opposes everything Trump claims? The best the cold do was put it out on the Friday after Thanksgiving…pretty weak effort at suppression.  Saudi Arabia or Russia or other nations admired  by Trump would have been much firmer. There was apparently no effort to change or censor this report.  Perhaps Trupsters think their voters don’t give a crap about the planet, just think money like the Donald?  Bet he never was told the report was going to happen.  And he never reads memos or such and he hadn’t been warned by Fox News.  Fox even have the climate report on the front of their website today.  And Fox doesn’t even label it fake news.  Now Trump surely needs the DOJ to investigate those climate scientists and lock ’em up.

Click here for NYTimes report on what’s happening to our oldest national park, Yellowstone.


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    Flying foxes are dying in Cairns due to extreme heat 43C
    6C hotter than previous November record.

    Wildlife is suffering because of climate change,

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