Posted by: atowhee | November 18, 2018


I was doing some of November’s mandatory, if nearly endless, leaf raking in our garden.  Leaf raking not aimed at preventing the next horrific firestorm, Donald.  Just leaf removal to prevent slimy sidewalks later this winter, and to provide blueberry mulch…but anyway, a bold Red-breasted Sapsucker flew into the smoke tree few feet away.  Look closely at the wavy parallel lines across this bird’s chest…wow!

I leave it to you to judge the beauty (click on any image for full screen view):

Last week another stunning event happened…robin into window.  We have put up the reflective decals, ribbons hanging before each window to wave in the breeze, but this bird was determined to fly into the  bright reflection.   I heard the loud thud; sickened, I peered out the window.  Stunned robin standing on the cement…but it was able to move its head.  I waited, checked periodically.  A few minutes passed and my wife saw the bird take flight.  Direct hit down-graded to near-miss…this time.  Back when we lived in caves, or deer-skin tepees or huts of bark, this didn’t happen.  Sadly much of our technology from chemicals to cars to windows to windmills are deadly to our fellow creatures.STUNND

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