Posted by: atowhee | November 18, 2018


My eldest son lives in London. Here’s his email today on the planet, the future, and Extinction Rebellion:

Have you seen #ExtinctionRebellion?

They shut down the main London bridges in London yesterday. George Monbiot is a supporter. Let’s see if this new found energy and alliance of old and young can get some momentum. I joined them briefly on Blackfriars Bridge on my way home from the Lake District, btw.

Mini rant on a Sunday: I read recently, can’t remember where, that one of the systemic underlying issues with the way we’ve organised the planet (corporate consumer capitalism + democracy + money as god) is that the “interests” and “desires” (and power) of the elite classes are in direct conflict with both the planet and lower & middle class people (the masses, the trees, the humble snail). It seems many even ‘progressive’ elites can comfortably justify living in a basic $2 Million house in Palo Alto (w/ 2 x SUV) or living offshore in Singapore and perhaps dream of life on the space station in the film Elysium. The machine must be dismantled, but I think it will carry on at least in my lifetime and will end in some sort of long chaotic period of collapse as per past civilisations. We’re clearly already inside this phase of history now and people just can’t fathom or face that the breakdown is underway. And we have a fully baked in additional 3-5 degree C increase in temperature coming – which make the climate very unstable and the amount of habitable land for humans much smaller. Much of California may just be toast. Who’s paying attention? Not enough of us. #blackheart

btw – Have you ever read or listened to any of Stephen Pyne’s (perfect name) stuff of fire mgt? Very interesting insights for both historic and practical perspective.


Then here’s my reply:


3:09 PM (0 minutes ago)

Yes, it is clear the economic “system” has us by the throat and it’s bigger than any government, e.g. only France has banned the five chemicals known to kill bees…because those chemicals are profitable to corporations in places like the US and Germany and China

As for fire management, when will some nervy economist do the math and show that it is cheaper in the long run to build and zone wisely rather than willy-nilly, not living below thirty feet or some such above sea level…underground power lines so they can’t break in a wind storm (duh)…how many times will any country afford to rebuild on a hurricane coast or in a river floodplain or in the line of fire???  Cheaper to do it right in the long run but that short-circuits all those private interests in quick profit…will insurance companies finally demand serious planning and zoning?  Or will they simply find more ways to not pay…

Glad you went to the demo, we do some of the anti-Trump demos hereabouts

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