Posted by: atowhee | November 17, 2018


Much is being written about climate change as the effects daily become more evident.  Trump may know that leaf raking and forest management were causes in the lead-up to the deadly Camp Fire in California.  The rest of us know otherwise–terrible planning and zoning, above-ground electrical lines, climate change, drought, living in fire-prone areas, lack of adequate warning, poor vehicle access–these are truly factors beyond the mental capability of the President.

Here are some recent events and publications:

London climate protests today, with arrests following blocked briges:

Countries doing little to stop climate change:

Trump’s anti-climate moves are deadly, says John Kerry:

How big oil is destroying our only planet:

The curse of the plastics conspiracy:

George Monbiot says tinkering won’t save us:

Cameron Winery in Oregon writes on voles and climate change:

The United States’ northernmost town is now into a new climate being called Arctic maritime.  Click here for link.

While it seems inexorable that human behavior will destroy much of the life now on earth, science still finds even more life forms than was previously unsuspected.  This time it is suggested a whole new kingdom of life is out there.  I am so old we were taught in biology there were only two kingdoms: plants and animals.  That we now know is far from a truthful reflection of nature’s complexity.  Click here to read about the new kingdom populated by one-cell predators.

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