Posted by: atowhee | November 15, 2018


Even optimistic estimates of what the planet’s future will hold (keeping temperature rise below 2 degrees centigrade earth-wide) indicate there’ll be some changes made.  You gotta love the graphic of a polar bear on small iceberg floating near London Bridge.

The sage grouse war in the American west is not over.

Jonathon Franzen–novelist and birder–writes on future of birds…and he lets the world know the true obscurantists among us birders…are the gull freaks.

Heat waves damage human sperm fertility…so this global warming thing may save our over-populated planet from utter lifelessness…that’s good.  What value is there in a gorgeous sunset or a cascading waterfall if there is not even a gecko, gopher or  gull to notice it?

A happy note to end on.  In West Virginia folks got a little worried when raccoons were seen weaving and bobbing down the road.  Eeek!  Rabies?  No, just another crabapple bender.

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