Posted by: atowhee | October 31, 2018


A new report shows that five nations control most of the planet’s remaining wild places…as the population of people, laying of pavement and industrial agriculture tighten a suffocating grip on earth’s living creatures, it air and water.

Yes, one of those is us, U.S.  Here’s the full list: Australia, US, Brazil, Russia and Canada.  Every one of those nations is now plowing headlong toward ever greater resources exploitation and higher corporate profits.  Not good news for wild places.  In the US much of that wild land is controlled by the federal government not Nature Conservancy so that means Trump’s regie will push for more fracking and oil drilling and logging and other forms of profit extraction.

In directly his idiotic trade war with China will push Brazil and other countries to cut forests to grow profitable soybeans and other products for China…stuff China will no longer gets from the American Midwest where wild lands disappeared in the 19th Century.  So more rainforest will disappear…for beans and greed.

Here’s the study’s map:wilderness map

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