Posted by: atowhee | October 31, 2018


We should all be spooked by climate change.  Far scarier than an eight year old in a Trump mask for Halloween.  Have we a ghost of a chance of escaping the worst effects?  Will there be anything of our fellow creatures but skeletons?  Are we all simply the living dead of the next epoch?  Are the fossil fuel ghouls gonna kill us all?

Here’s a recent collection of reports on what’s happening…none of which will be mentioned by any candidate for public office in this nation at this time.  The Nero Complex is at work, we fiddle while the planet burns.

A projection of what your town’s weather may look like for the next generation.

Warmer water is killing the North Atlantic shellfish industry for the U.S.

But that same warming trend has driven all the lobstering to Maine so they are having a lobster boom…for now.

Meanwhile, engineers are hankering to go about changing the oceans to stop global warming.

They’d better hurry up, one medical expert says diseases of the past are going to come back from the dead…literally.

Ichabod Crane never had to worry about these things, just headless horsemen.  Happy haunted Halloween.



  1. […] This sounds a lot like the vanished shellfish industry in the eastern US. which I blogged about last… […]

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