Posted by: atowhee | October 29, 2018


The election in Brazil should rank up with Brexit and Trump as an example of voters deciding go for nihilism, short-term profits and an exercise of fury.  The new Brazilian strongman will encourage agri-industry in its drive to devastate the Brazilian rain forest, to the detriment of the entire planet.  He could have campaigned as a champion of global warming.

Latin America is going to be one center of species extinctions.  With its rich variety of habitats and steep elevation shifts over short distances, it is the center of bird diversity for the planet.  The mountain birds there, as elsewhere, are in danger.

Here in the U.S. the headlines right now are full of recent domestic terrorism.  It may come and go, increase or subside.  However, climate change is quietly on-rushing and the fossil fuel conglomerates are spending huge sums of money to prevent any regulations that might curtail their profits.

The fossil fuel folks have nothing but cheerleaders in the Trump regime.  More fracking, more drilling on public lands...millions of acres opened to exploitation.  Only privately funded organizations stand to fight against the greed-driven moves to trash the planet for corporate and executive profits. The Sage Grouse and its friends have won, for now, a reprieve from drill, baby, drill…

How bad can it get around the globe?  One of my favorite cities to visit is now mostly underwater and may become our modern Atlantis.  Can Venice be saved?

Seemingly in all parts of the globe now governments love extraction industries from oil to agri-industry.  “Profit despite the cost” is the unadmitted motto of most political parties now.  Addicted to the myth of unending economic growth.  The only sustainable industry most places is propaganda (see Fox News).  In Britain Brexit is not self-destructive enough, they are simultaneously trashing their small collection of islands as naturalist Mark Cocker describes in his latest, tragic book.  Conservation groups are disunited and seemingly unable to intervene.  It is profit as opioid.


California researchers have found an octopus nursery off the coast of  Monterey.  Hundreds, perhaps encouraged by warm gases leaking through the ocean floor.

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