Posted by: atowhee | October 6, 2018


The arrivals and departures in the avian travel world are often unscheduled, fueled not by petroleum but protein and sugars and migration hormones.  Arrivals and departures can happen any time of day or night.  And this morning Joe Dancer was quiet bird-wise (lots of little people kicking soccer balls around) but all four birds I saw were on the move.  A Dark-eyed Junco, a Yellow-rumped Warbler, two Barn Swallows gathering insects.

I had never before seen a Yellow-rump in this park in autumn, and never between April and end of September.  Juncos can appear anytime but mostly in fall through early spring.  This is the first time I have seen Barn Swallows there later than Labor Day though they are regular and often abundant over the playing fields in summer. In spring Barn Swallows swarm back in mid-April.  I wish them well on their thousands of miles of migration in the coming months. May the bugs be with you.


Garter snake in Corvallis, soon he’ll be looking for a winter hideout.

For two days straight last week a Cooper’s Hawk casme through our garden and checked out the birds around our feeders.  Here he is nearly hidden in our Colorado spruce.  With the first rains come the first mushrooms.

These fall crocus are new on the scene, but a number of wildflowers and garden plants began blooming months ago and are still at it: tansy ragwort, wild radish, dandelion, Queen Anne’s lace, red and white clover, hydrangea, bindweed, English daisies, aster, wild chicory.

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