Posted by: atowhee | October 5, 2018


I have long wondered how the world will treat the millions of Bangladeshi when they have to leave their nation as the sea invades.  Probably no better than we treat those fleeing the drought and civil war stricken nations of the Mideast and northern Africa.  Can you image a worse human fate than to be born in Somalia?

Now comes speculation about how the U.S. will cope with its own shifts in climate as smoke and heat and water shortages hit the already, naturally arid west.

Just this harvest season a major California wine conglomerate cancelled its purchase contracts for grapes from southern Oregon–reason: fire smoke ruined the flavor.  It may simply be that a wine grape glut made the contract cancellations by the purchase a good business move…but “smoke damage” is likely to become a major cause of winery stress in the future.

Forest fire smoke plagued the Rogue River Valley in southwestern Oregon this past summer.  One victim: Ashland’s Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF)…where they have to cancel over two dozen outdoor performances, leading to refunds, leading further to income loss. Now come the lay-offs, one-eighth of the administrative staff.

OSF is already trying to figure out to put a roof on its outdoor theatre.

Finally, we don’t really know the long-term import of breathing forest fire smoke.  Can’t imagine the current regime in Washington approving spending tax dollars to study such a silly concern…that would just add more fantasy to the hoax of climate change, right?

I am offering a birding day in early May in the Klamath Basin.  It is being auctioned off by Klamath Bird Observatory as part of their fall fund-raising gala.  KBO GALAYou can go to the KBO website to bid on items before the gala…like that brilliant trip to Klamath when we hope to see dancing grebes on Klamath Lake. Click here for link to online auction for myriad cool bird-related items.



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