Posted by: atowhee | September 28, 2018


The life on the planet may be doomed anyway so let’s make money while the sun shines, and shines, and burns and heats up the atmosphere.  That is the calculated, admitted goal of the Trump Regime.  In justifying the decision to remove stricter limits on auto-caused air pollution and CO2 emissions, the current US government predicts the earth will heat up SEVEN degrees Fahrenheit by the end of this century.

The list of environmental cataclysms this will bring about is pretty long running from coral reef extinction to flooded shorelines including Mara Lago to worse storms and droughts and migration of tropical diseases into northern lattitudes.  I am especially excited about my grandkids living with the threat of Dengue fever.  Does Trump imagine his lineage will build world class golf course in northern Greenland and on Tierra del Fuego and then there’ll be the airline fuels to deliver guests?  Were Shakespeare alive now he might change his exhortation, “First let’s kill all the real estate developers.”


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