Posted by: atowhee | September 25, 2018


ONe of my favorite days at Malheur, spring or fall, is the day of the raptor run.  We generally go east from Malheur NWR headquarters on Sodhouse Road, then take take Hwy 78 north through Crane. This month we found no birds on nests in the Princeton cliff face at the east end of Sodhouse, but there were two Golden Eagles working the irrigated fields north of the road there.  Not too far north of Princeton along Hwy 78 we found one field with FIVE Ferruginous Hawks…and a steep cliff face on the east side of the road provided updrafts being used by a group of immature Red-tails.  From Crane we continued on 78 to Crystal Crane where we saw our only airborne nighthawk of the  visit, Sept. 16.

From Ferrugy-field, click on any image to enlarge:


Then we watched one fly down the power lines and land at the next cross-bar:


Some of the many red-tails along the raptor run:


The Crystal Crane Common Nighthawk, coursing over the wildlife pond:


One of the few kestrels we saw…then a couple ravens who had it made in the shade, as ever:


This carnivore doesn’t trust people, nor should he:COY-ONE




I am offering a birding day in early May in the Klamath Basin.  It is being auctioned off by Klamath Bird Observatory as part of their fall fund-raising gala.  KBO GALAYou can go to the KBO website to bid on items before the gala…like that brilliant trip to Klamath when we hope to see dancing grebes on Klamath Lake. Click here for link to online auction for myriad cool bird-related items.

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