Posted by: atowhee | September 22, 2018


COY-RUNAbove, coyote lopes across what should be Buena Vista lake, but is now a baked mudflat.  Below: a congress of coots, not to be confused with Congress of Coots in Washington DC.  These birds know what they’re doing….and they are good at it.  Cootness is next to godliness.COOTZdf sexDamselflies doing it.  Below, Golden Eagle adult aloft.GE ABUVglyphs1Petroglyphs along Krumbo Reservoir Road:glyphs2IMG_2934IMG_2949Pronghorn on road to Diamond box canyon.PH MALEAdult White-crowned Sparrow in Russian olive tree.wcs-ubiqmantis1Mantis in blooming bush, awaits careless bee or butterfly. This was near Benson Pond.


Photos of Rock Wren Canyon Wren on you-know-what at Buena Vista Overlook:ROK WRENROK WREN1AROK WREN1BAfter landing on next rock, we got view of that flashy tail

Note corrected ID on this bird, rusty tail is Canyon’s not rocky’s.  Pointed out by Paul Sullivan.

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