Posted by: atowhee | September 21, 2018


This image from a farm on Greenhouse Lane shows how many collared-doves gather at a single location…a species that was not even present in Oregon two decades ago.ECD BOOMBelow: Great Horned Owl at NWR heradquarters…then GHO in evening at Malheur Field Station.GHO-MFSIMG_2825LEWO AT HQLewis’s Woodpecker at NWR headquarters above.  Below a watered field west of Riley, populated by pronghorn…near Hwy 20 and Silver Creek Road.PHORNSPSA-CHICKSpotted Sandpiper above, Chickahominy.  Below: Warbling Vireo at NWR HQ.wavi1wavi2WP IN CIRCLESWhite Pelicans soaring over Malheur.  Yellow-headed Blackbirds on fence line.yellowheds

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