Posted by: atowhee | September 13, 2018


Hurricane Florence may, or may not, prove the Trump Administration can prepare for a  big storm given a week’s warning…but it will definitely confirm that coastal property is less and less a really wise investment in Hurricane Country.  That would be from Mexico along the Gulf Coast then up the eastern seaboard to Canada.

Don’t blame any god or nature, we did this ourselves as this essay (click now) explains.


#5 would be California.  And it is now hosting a major conference on how to deal with climate change…as the U. S. government has adopted the lie and deny policy toward hurricanes, climate change, greed, Russian shenanigans and so many other things.  It amazes me that business people and independent operators like farmers can still fall for Republican economic bullshit.  Let’s compare, say, Kansas or South Carolina, with that socialist state of California…where is the economy stronger, the pay higher, the protective laws more stringent and businesses more closely regulated?  So why did Gov. Brownback’s brilliant tax slashing not make Kansas everybody’s envy?  First, it’s Kansas where the farm fields are heavily poisoned every year…who wants all those organic toxins in their drinking water?  But secondly businesses like to operate where people are educated, safe, not afraid of people from other nations, not bigoted hypocrites about loving your neighbor only as long as your neighbor behaves in a certain way and hates abortion just like you….etc.  It is little wonder that winners (having it the worst) in comparisons of most of the negative measures of social welfare, education, poverty, disease, obesity, et al. are dominated by red states.  Now those states are blindly refusing to prepare for the onslaught of bigger storms, higher sea levels and worse droughts and fires.  Trump is the perfect symbol of the ignorance and refusal to face reality that now seems to be at the heart of the Republican Party religion, such it is, as you can only take it on faith.  Do not expect any real facts or evidence about tax cuts, hurricane deaths, immigrants or climate change.

Click here for public radio report on Sept 12th edition of “The World,” actually dealing with climate change conference in San Francisco.  Sadly it makes clear that we are already headed for a hotter, harsher, more deadly weather world.  My grandkids do not deserve what we’ve done to them.


It’s hard to believe that decades after E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, and even some time after the movie, Babe, that people still eat dead pigs but it is a popular repast from Birmingham to Beijing.  Those doomed pigs have to be imprisoned somewhere, and place where the pigs numbers are  prodigious is South Carolina.  So, unnaturally, one of the great dangers of the impending Florentine landfall is floods of pigshit.

One of nature’s laws, we are all downstream of something.

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