Posted by: atowhee | September 11, 2018


Here’s a heartfelt plea for somebody not totally succumbed to the cynicism of our age.  This writer actually hopes government will take the lead in preparing for the realities of climate change, worse storms and droughts, rising sea levels.  I can’t imagine he’s speaking of the very same government you and I that infects Washington D. C. right now, a government dedicated to providing more wealth to the wealthy, end of job one.

It may be wailing into the hurricane-force winds, but it is nicely written.

If there is considerable damage we can be sure most of those residents will rush to rebuilt in the same, unsafe place…no government assistance to move them inland so we won’t all have to pay time and again to rebuild towns within the reach of the storm surge.  You think the government debt and austerity for social welfare is bad now?  Wait until we have to pay to move Exxon’s headquarters and refineries to higher ground…

California’s Governor Jerry Brown descries President Trump “gross ignorance” for preventing action on climate change.  I think the governor is being overly polite.  I find it hard to imagine that Trump cares about anything beyond his own greatness and his cronies’ wealth.  Nature is just a place to play golf, after all. Weather is just something poor people and liberals worry about.  Besides, we were great in Puerto Rico (only 3000 dead) and now we’re gonna be even greater in the Carolinas.

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