Posted by: atowhee | September 4, 2018


That’s the conclusion of a report put together for the United Nations.  We can convert completely to renewable energy but those sources are not as cheap nor as portable as current fossil fuels.  Forced efficiency and economic reforms will be needed as the current entrenched corporate-dominate political and financial world will fight every step of the way to prevent change (see Russia, Trump, Koch Bros., Exxon, Canada’s tar sands, fracking, etc. etc. etc.)


Here are some highlights:

“Good quality, easily available fossil fuels have powered the industrialization of nations world-wide. Now, the entire energy infrastructure needs to be transformed. The energy return on investment (EROI) decreases across the spectrum – unconventional oils, nuclear and renewables return less energy in generation than conventional oils, whose production has peaked – and societies need to abandon fossil fuels because of their impact on the climate. Because renewables have a lower EROI and different technical requirements, such as the need to build energy storage facilities, meeting current or growing levels of energy need in the next few decades with low-carbon solutions will
be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Thus, there is considerable pressure to lower total energy use.”   [my underline, take away our cars?!?!?! stop shipping trash across the Pacific????   eeeeek]

“Most countries, affluent and developing alike, face great environmental challenges in food production. It will be too risky to rely on the functioning of only a few main food
production areas in the future.”

“Climate change and other environmental changes threaten livelihoods across the planet and thus give cause for mass migration.”   [You think nativism is bad now?  Imagine trying to convince other nations to accept over 160 million refugees from Bangladesh as that low-lying country becomes tidal flats.]

“In view of the challenges encountered today in implementing meaningful international agreements, the most likely option for initiating transitions to sustainability would be for a group of progressive states to take the lead. This would require economic thinking that enables large public investment programs on the one hand and strong regulation and environmental caps on the other. In the modern global economy, states are the only actors that have the legitimacy and capacity to fund and organize large-scale transitions.”

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