Posted by: atowhee | September 1, 2018


August 31–Yesterday at No Name Pond there were numerous chorus frogs, many dragonflies, few birds.  There was a trio of Common Yellowthroats, one pair of females in a sharp, short scuffle over perching rights.
I passed two California Quail coveys along the way.  Both in open land now slated to be paved, covered with housing and lawns.

September 1–At grand Island this morning, an Osprey, many Violet-green and Barn Swallows, gathering for their movement south.  A Belted Kingfisher and Green Heron at the Willamette Greenway.

Later in our garden there came a young robin.

In the images below we see juvenile robin with speckled chest, Turkey Vultures combing a mown field, Bushtits around my suet feeder, chorus frogs at No Name Pond:

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