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At Wennerberg Park this afternoon the Chipping Sparrows were almost as thick as the smoke in the air.  And also, in the air, was a quintet of Canada Geese. Three of them were wearing neck bands, presumably the youngsters.  Who’s banding our local geese in Yamhill County vicinity?  This summer’s young are now flying about with parents so those lines of geese will become more common and larger as the summer narrows into autumn.CAGO QUINTA few minutes after these geese flew over going north, the same group (same number anyway) came back, heading south.  Perhaps to Carlton Sewer Ponds which are near Wennerberg.CHSPI like young Chipping Sparrows, they don’t know to fly away when they first see a large, lumbering biped.CHSP2This unedified fellow was out stirring up0 dust to add to the smoke particulates already in the air and in his own lungs…this view is west from Westside Road looking toward the Coastal Range foothills through the smoke.DUSTERCherry tree prepares for autumn, for fall…of the leaves.YELO

In the flight picture the whole chickadee is in motion already…except the feet.


“These very well could be from the big collaring project in Nanaimo, BC. Several were harvested on Fern Ridge Lake (and a couple other Willamette Valley locations) during the second week of September 2017, banded the same year. I know personally of 6 harvested last September and 1 other seen. These westerns are migrating south early on and are not all residents. The alternative is the annual banding project on the islands of the Lower Columbia River – I know they banded there this year, but I’m not sure if they put on collars.–Cody Smith, Molalla, OR”

“I have sightings of white neck collared Canada Geese here in Washington County.  Amazingly both times were also in August.

August 30, 2016 there were 6 collared Geese at Jackson Bottom Wetlands in Hillsboro.August 21, 2017 there were 5 collared Canada Geese at Fernhill Wetlands in
Forest Grove.

I reported the band numbers to the Banding Lab and learned that all the birds had been banded near Nanaimo, BC and were hatched 2015 or earlier.  One of the birds seen at Jackson Bottom in 2016, was also one of the birds at Fernhill Wetlands in 2017.–STeve Nord”


A friend of mine, Kirby Flanagan, is a professional bird photographer. And he’s teaching a class on the techniques and skills this fall…in Nevada.  Click on this class description for details:  Bird Photography… Capture stunning images of our local waterfowl, birds of prey and more. Review the basics of composition, correct exposure and photography techniques…



  1. Could some one email me about these collared geese in Carlton? I would like to take a photo?

    • I have only seen them that one time, but feel free to give me a call…I BIrd Wennerberg pretty regularly and the Carlton sewer ponds are nearby and often attract the local geese 9713121735

  2. Are collared gees still at this location? I want to get a picture and see in person.

    • send me a phone number and I will call if I see them again…I dog walk there several times per week

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