Posted by: atowhee | August 17, 2018


That’s right, those horrid forest fires are the result of eco-terrorism, not matter the real cause.  Just ask Secty, Zinke.  And he is curtailing all that science stuff about climate change, shutting off research.  As the famous philosopher once said, “Ignorance is bliss.” Sadly for the Zinkster, he can’t stop other nations from measuring the glaciers’ melt rate, the rising sea level, the extent of severe drought or forest fires or extreme weather events.  He can pretend to ignore the American islands becoming water-logged and uninhabitable but what will he do when Mara Lago or Exxon Headquarters get flooded and they come to the feds for bail-out money?  He’ll be long gone by then.

Does he know about the fires in Montana?  So far, less than 4000 acres in Glacier National Park–paltry by 2018 standards.  Or does Zinke simply care only for profit and power?

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