Posted by: atowhee | August 16, 2018


Click here for the ABA checklist update.

And now eBird has altered its taxonomy order in its checklists!!  Eeeek, all that I had learned I must unlearn and then relearn.  The pigeon family is now right behind grebes…all the raptors have fallen lower, though hawks and falcons are still separate. Right behind pigeons come nightjars and swifts and cuckoos, pushing raptors and cranes and shorebirds much lower still.  Your old field guide is now REALLY outdated. Hummers come next, then shorebirds and gulls, with egrets, cormorants, pelicans, loons falling after gulls.  Go back and look at your thirty year old field guide, loons on the front page of the ID section!  HOw their stock has fallen.
Now the list goes straight from hawks to owls.  We used to have owls and nightjars next to one another, seemed so apropos…
I didn’t detect any major changes thereafter.  Songbirds seemed to have settled comfortably into their taxonomic niches and aren’t migrating up or down the list.


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