Posted by: atowhee | August 11, 2018


It is the end of the breeding season for most or our local birds.  Finches are fading, molting, looking shoddy.  They are also dining on numerous seeding plant.  One goldfinch delight is eating the green parts of sunflower leaves, creating a delightful specialty I think of as finch filagree.  They take all the green parts, filled with chlorophyll, and leave the veins in tact:finch filagreeThe adult males are fading fast, that bright yellow of last May is tattered, shattered, paled.  By the time they get to their wintering grounds they will have little or no butter color left

As you can see (click on any image to enlarge) from the final sequence, it can set you all aflutter just trying to turn around on a round limb.  Young goldfinch:amgo kidMale House Finch:


Chickadees are tiny, throats narrow…so when this guy pulls away with a chunk the size of beak he has to take it out to a limb and eat a fleck at a time:


The fuzzy edges make me think this is a youngster but already pretty good with the suet feeder.  There must have been some parental instruction…

 I will be leading a hike on Sept. 8 in the Jackson County Cascades.  Wer will look at forest earmarked for logging, right in the heart of Great Gray Owl nesting habitat.  This hike is sponsored by KS Wild, please sign up if interested.  Click here for the link and sign-up info.

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