Posted by: atowhee | August 11, 2018


And here in Oregon we get our share of the ash & soot, and it’s spreading to the northeast and out into the Atlantic.

Over 800,000 acres burned already and the traditional fire season (say thirty years ago) would just be beginning.  The NYTimes has put together a list of the 30 largest fires in California since 2000…three are burning now, one of those is the largest in history, another is already in the top ten.  Scary list.

Experts expect the western states to move toward use of controlled burns, less on simply try to stop fires which are clearly and naturally inevitable.

To see the state’s forest fire map, click here.

Click here for Oregon forest fire map,, note all the imported firefighters, some from New Zealand.  Southern Oregon–Josephine to Klamath Counties are getting the worst of the smoke right now.

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