Posted by: atowhee | August 9, 2018


The chemical is chlorpyrifos.  It is beloved across industrial agriculture as well as by the five chemical makers (two US, one Danish, one Spanish, one Chinese) that profit from it.  Many growers compare its relative price to the more expensive neonicotinoids which might be the substitute.  So from nerve agent to bee killer, yum.

Chlorpyrifos was banned for household use in 2000–found to destroy the nervous system.  In fact, that is how it kills insects and mammals, disrupts the communication between neurons and the system goes beserk, unable to slow down.  Almost like reading Trump-tweets.  It goes without saying the Trump Syndicate will fight the order so it can keep the juice flowing into the fields and thence into the ground water and eventually the ocean.  There it helps destroy marine life.  But it does keep alfalfa and hazelnuts cheap…

Not all growers use the stuff, but it is commonly used for these crops found in Oregon: hazelnuts, cranberries, strawberries, alfalfa, grass seed and hay, mint, vegetables,  corn, onions, cabbage, wine grapes.  The one that really gets me pondering the economic forces in our ag industry–chlorpyrifos is used on native Douglas-firs grown in Christmas tree farms.

Some links:

Today’s court order which will appealed to the Supreme Court if needed, and we know that decision will in favor of “spray, baby, spray.”

List of all brand products carrying chlorpyrifos.

How does it kill, really exciting for non-organic exterminators, I imagine.

Who makes it in addition to Dow Chemical?

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