Posted by: atowhee | August 5, 2018


RUHU YNG1RUHU YNG2RUHU YNG3These three great shots of a young male Rufous were taken by my friend, Marieannette McCabe on her small patch of land along a creek just outside Ashland.  That photo of the bird with his tail fanned out beats the heck out of your field guide, or mine.

Sorry to make that comparison.  In this era of trumpeting comparisons…”my X is bigger (smarter, better) than your Y”…this sort of belittling comparison, this trumpeting is, well, Trumpian, and we should all know better.  We learned about fourth grade to stop doing such things, most of the time, when we are sober.   But that tail image sure is better than any of MY field guides, and I own more than any sane person can admit to.  Thanks to MAM for sharing.


  1. Thanks for sharing these.Here you and I go again with the male or female gorget. I still think this is a Female as the gorget is tiny and it doesn’t have any of the bright orange feathers on the back and wings that the males do. I will see if I can find you a back view. m a

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