Posted by: atowhee | August 2, 2018


Yesterday evening the wife, the dog and I were returning home after a walk at Wennerberg Park.  Coming down Westside Road we pass the eastern edge of Rotary Park.  Kate, my wife, spotted a flash of white; we made a quick, mostly legal, turn around in a side street, and then camera ready.  Across the road stood Alba, the Rotary Park white deer.  I first saw her three years ago when she was a fawn, trotting along behind her normally colored mother.  Now she’s a full grown, healthy doe. Still lives in Rotary park, I see, and likes blackberries as much as the dog and I do.  The photos show several bare berry bearing twigs near her face.  Then, satisfied, she sauntered along the edge of the woods, to a nearly secluded opening and vanished into the trees.

Three years ago I got this email from a state biologist, Rick Hargrave of the Oregon DFW: “Thank you for sharing the photos of the deer.  The fawn is referred to as a piebald fawn. It looks pretty healthy, which is good because typically piebald fawns are born with a number of deformities.  I hope they continue on their way into the wild!”

Click on any image for full screen view:




For more on piebald, leucistic, white deer, click here to see a science blog.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

  2. Interesting to see that this individual persists, 3 years later. Thanks for the timelapse!

  3. […] Previously I had seen and photographed another whitish female deer.  She was mostly white except head and rump, not nearly as splotchy as the one today.  Click here for a previous blog on the first whitish deer I dubbed “Alba.” […]

  4. […] I have encountered a number of leucistic critters in my time.  There was a doe in Shasta Valley years ago.  Last year this doe here in McMinnville, click for image. […]

  5. Saw a white deer in Rotary Park in McMinnville today, 12-17-20. Thought it couldn’t be but just read your post so just wanted to let you know. Regards,

    • thanks, we ay be into several generations by now as I saw the first one, then another markedly different but still mostly white

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