Posted by: atowhee | July 25, 2018


July 26, 2018

“You’re on earth, there’s no cure for that.”             –Samuel Beckett

Heat.  That is the word around the Northern Hemisphere.  Dozens burned alive in Greece.  Yosemite Valley closed by fire. Forests burn in Sweden and Latvia.  Eight thousand acres including many wheat fields burn in north-central Oregon.  One fire crossed from Trump’s Russia into Finland.  These are the deadliest set of fires in Europe in a century.

Too bad the greedy idiocracy ruling this country right now can’t possibly admit that climate and drought and greenhouse gases and human-altered planetary patterns need attention.  Not to mention people to fight fires.  There is no rural fire department in Wasco County, Oregon, where the farmers are left to battle blazes until the state can respond from many miles away.  One farmer died and his tractor exploded. Duh.  But, wait, it keeps taxes low…what cost a single farmer’s life, one  might ask…but, hey, low taxes are good for business, so…

In the natural world around here we have no smoke…yet.

The swifts in our chimney are loud and must be about to fledge.
Our lavender plants are at peak nectar if all the bees are to bee beelieved—that’s not fake news.
Small green caterpillars are beginning to rappel from the magnolia tree on thin clear threads, extruding as they go.
Spiders weave their symmetrical webs along the face of our bushes and trees.
In the heat of mid-afternoon only an occasional swift passes overhead, a sun-bleached blue sky far beyond.  Then I see and hear the chickadees moving along the shadeline from cherry to blueberry bushes to maple to nandina, and back again, never allowing the sun to hit their backs.
Nora, our black-furred dog, pants after twenty seconds in the sun, hustles back inside to cool while splayed across the kitchen’s tile floor.  She must drink three gallons of water every day now.
I have to water our lettuce and eggplants and tomatoes daily.  Shade cloth protects the lettuce from solar wilt syndrome.  It’s similar to protecting a normal brain from the lies spewing constantly from the White House propaganda machinery.  The only tweets I care for come softly from those chickadees as they keep their little tribe together.


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