Posted by: atowhee | July 24, 2018


A birding friend, Jenny Jones, was visiting southern Oregon and had asked about where to look for our beloved Great Gray Owls.  She happily sent me pictures of the adult bird she saw hunting from a fence post at 7 PM one evening in the southern Cascades.  Here are her images:DSCN3943DSCN3952_LI

The bird was on private land, thankfully.  The owner has a conservation easement developed in cooperation with Southern Oregon Land Conservancy.  It’s a good thing.  Several hundred acres of nearby BLM land is slated for clear-cut under the Trump Administration’s campaign to pillage public land for private profits.  In the image you see the dens forest alongside the meadow, that is heavenly for GGOs as they need canopy cover to roost and nest.  Clear cuts will force residents owls to look elsewhere for places to sleep or nest and if the forest is replaced by dense brush the owls will not even be able to hunt on the land unless the forest eventually grows back many owl generations from now.

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