Posted by: atowhee | July 12, 2018


JULY 12, 2018

The spiders are back.  Our garden paths and bushes are now festooned with fine spider webs, the ones with multiple sides and a regular pattern of crossing threads. Most of the spiders are tiny right now, smaller than a pea.WEB-Aweb-b

The swifts are also back.  We thought there was no swift nest in our chimney this year…until yesterday when we could hear the whirring wings and churring calls of the young swifts.

And some of our post-breeding birds are beginning to reappear in our garden.  Today a pair of Spotted Towhees—last seen in early May. Yesterday, our first garden junco of summer—last seen in late April.

At Wennerberg Park in watched a red-breasted Sapsucker working on a tree trunk.RB TRUNK1RB TRUNK3RB TRUNK4Sadly there were tufts of feathers near the parking, from a deceased robin it appears.

rbn feathers

A male House Sparrow now frequents our feeders…with nesting duties apparently over for now.hsp malehsp male2

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