Posted by: atowhee | July 8, 2018


 A negative electrical charge may have much to do with ballooning spiders…here’s a summary of the research.

Here is British naturalist John LIster-Kaye, in his book, Gods of the Morning, writing of one August morning in northern Scotland: “Sitting at my desk one morning I looked up to see a fine veil of smoke passing the window…Normally I can see right across the glacial valley to the forested hills on the other side…This morning I could barely see the far side at all.  It couldn’t be smoke I reasones, there was too much of it.  It must be drifts of low cloud…summer mists don’t do that, they hang, and anyway, the cloud base was high.  Perhaps it was smoke…

“I always keep my precious Swarovski binoculars on my windowsill so I took a closer look.  What I saw was a breath-taking spectacle of such overwhelming abundance that I was lost for words…It was neitgher mist nor smoke.  It was silk.  Spiders’…silk.  The massed gossamer threads of millions of tiny spiders dispersing….”

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