Posted by: atowhee | July 7, 2018


The situation here on earth seems dire and it may be as bad as it seems…or maybe not.  Some bits of data from around the globe.  One thing seems clear the petro-plastic industry is not good for life.

Eight years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster the news is not good.  Click for details.

New Zealand seabirds and the curse of plastic. New Zealand and its surrounding oceans are the center of seabird population density and diversity.

How plastic straws became a global curse. 

We Americans have nothing to be proud of.  We once slaughtered whales so Bostonians could light their lanterns at night.  That was back before the uncivil Civil War. Now Japan wants to kill more whales. Don’t tell Trump, he will want us to kill more than the Japanese do.  After all, America was a great and a great whale killer in the 1840s, we could recapture our whale-killing crown.  Damn those international treaties anyhow.

What’s gone wrong in 119 years in Alaska, a summary. 

Beyond the tundra and the ocean, we humans are trashing the forests as well. We’re cutting down our forests to grow more food to feed more people as more and more arable land is made worthless through urban sprawl and climate change. 

California ablaze…again.



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