Posted by: atowhee | July 5, 2018


There’s good news for life on the planet: Scott Pruitt has resigned.
There’s bad news for life on the planet: Pruitt replaced by coal man.
But, hey, that could be good. That means more coal burning, which means more coal mining, right?  And the top coal burning states (in order: Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska) will get more and more soot, dust and sulphur dioxide.  I know I have been missing my daily dose of SO2 since I moved to the west coast fifty years ago.

BTW, does Scotty have assurance that the fourteen eighteen simultaneous ethics investigations focused on his EPA tenure will now cease…leaving him one of the swamp’s most infamous unindicted criminals?

The Trump crime syndicate will continue to make coal great again.
Just look at their successes so far:
North Korea has stopped any effort to build nuclear weapons.  Trump told us so.
The great wall is being built, in fact, he will surprise us a one day and tell us that two walls are being built.  Canada will be paying for the northern one.
We suddenly have the greatest golf courses, health care industry and beauty pagaents on earth, ever.
And with more and more CO2 from our coal plants, the Atlantic will rise until Mara Lago is beach-front property.  All part of the big brain’s big plans.  And since he has such a big brain and so much deal-making prowess he will negotiate stasis with the Atlantic and refuse to let it cross his property line.
Trump’s bromance with Valdimir Putin has convinced everybody that Vlad had nothing to do with Brexit, the US election or any poisoning of anybody anywhere at any time.
The national deficit is disappearing while it just appears to getting greater and greater. There is so much greatness now I am stunned.  And the population is shifting toward greatness as I write. The blue states are emptying out as everybody cues up to work part-time at Walmart in South Carolina and Kentucky.

Speaking of Kentucky.  It is home to the world’s most reknowned giraffe killer.

Meanwhile, Kentucky has become so great it doesn’t need all those silly Medicaid benefits.  Or maybe this is just a domestic version of zero tolerance.  If you are poor, leave Kentucky and die elsewhere.
Only a state that is home to Mitch McConnell, that beacon of democracy, could possible be so great.

Do we really want to make Venezuela the 51st state, ahead of Puerto Rico or North Korea?

I hope the big brains in the Trump syndicate are watching out for retaliation.  It seems that nature and Gaia are coming for us.  More and more bacteria are now antibiotic resistant, even one form of gonorrhea which can’t be good for certain businesses.  With most bitter irony a tick named for cattle-rich Texas is making people allergic to red meat and even cow’s milk.  Good news for animals rights folks, but butchers have a beef with those ticks.

And then we learn that some African lions ate some rhino poachers. Spit out the shoes and guns.  Does that Kentucky huntress know whether lions check to see if you have a permit to hunt, before they…

I gotta say, nature and the sowbugs will be here long after we’re…




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