Posted by: atowhee | July 2, 2018


July 2

The dog and I went to No Name Pond again this morning. It’s on the north edge of McMinnville.  First we saw the gray male harrier above the treetops.  This isn’t his hunting, harrying flight.  This is his commute flight, he was going somewhere.  A few minutes later we saw a female, flying high as well. Again, en route, knot in hunting mode. Could this be a mated pair with a nest nearby?  If so their nesting area may be north of Baker Creek Road between Hill Road and Westside Road.  That is the area where I have seen harriers in the past few weeks.  This is definitely the season for harrier nesting.  They nest on the ground after grasses and other plants have grown dense enough to hide the nest.

Below the first four images are the male, the second four are the female.  Click on an image to enlarge it.

At the pond we encountered a very curious young Song Sparrow.  We may have been the first large mammals this kid has ever seen.  He can’t be even two months old at this point.  He found us worth noting, then he dropped back down into the pond reeds.

The finch feeder had one House, one siskin.  Both goldfinch species were also fluttering about.  Almost a finch flush at Merlot Marsh. The nearest Purple Finches are likely at Rotary Park, downstream along Baker Creek.

A surprise at No Name Pond, while the dog and I stood around a pair of Band-tailed Pigeons flew in and dropped into the tall ash and oak trees.  They hid high in the foliage I could not get a picture.

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