Posted by: atowhee | June 24, 2018


Once again my friend, and more importantly, the friend of Great Gray Owls, Andy Huber, has helped out a local family encamped on the ranch to which he holds the deed but which he readily shares with locals who can claim their ancestors have been there for millennia.  Herer are images of the Great Gray Owl family that moved into the nest basket Andy hung up three years ago:

To see any of these images full-screen, just click on the chosen image.  Andy Huber took all these photos on his ranch in northeastern Oregon.  The photo showing Andy giving prey to the female (she is in charge of directly feeding young until after they fledge) was taken by Diantha Knott.  The prey seems to be voles and mice.  It is my understanding that the short-tailed rodents are voles. The adult owl in the photos are the female, except the final two showing the male, who is generally the main prey provider for female and owlets.

Andy has previous experience as a foster father of GGOwlets.  In 2015 he and a widowed female successfully raised four young with Andy and his neighbors live-trapping most of the prey over the long summer.  After the owlets grew until they could fly the young dispersed into the forest.  They were not tamed and did not come begging to Andy or his neighbors for food. Click here for the final  blog of that summer as Andy’s owlet charges prepared to leave.

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