Posted by: atowhee | June 23, 2018


A red-tail high in the sky, lazily arcing across the blue, as the sun’s energy heats up the surface air and produces hawk-loving updrafts. The red-tail controls his speed and direction casually, moving or adjusting a single feather or a few on either wing or in its ruddy rudder. RT-LAZE Later I look  up to see a large bird take off from atop a dead oak.  This peregrine’s long, pointy wings open to the warm air and the bird just vanishes beyond the oak grove…without a single wing flap.  Butterflies seem to drift on unfelt wafts of air.  The sidewalk bordering blueberries are ripened now.  I have determined that it would be immoral to pluck them but should one fall to the ground I may try to beat the local jays or robins to the treasure.  At home our cherry trees are beginning to drop fruit.  Winnie-the Pooh would be humming.

DO YOU SPEAK FINCH?FNCH-GFNCH-EFNCH-DFNCH-CFNCH-BAbove: a mix of American Goldfinch and siskins. Below: two House Finches with siskins. Last image: Male American Goldfinch.FNCH-AAMGO MALEAMGO MALEFNCH-AFNCH-BFNCH-CFNCH-DFNCH-EFNCH-GBCC IN GRDNBCC IN GRDN2Pewee at Wennerberg:P-WEESW-TAIL1

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