Posted by: atowhee | June 20, 2018


Last week there was a lone Mew Gull among the loafing gulls at Spreckels Lake:MG 1MG 2Then there was this speckled goose…speckled at Spreckels…do his fellow geese call him “freckles” at Spreckels?IMG_4501IMG_4507IMG_4555IMG_4556IMG_4557Violet-green Swallow juvie at rest near Polo Field.VGS-GGPAnd here’s one speeding over North Lake in Golden Gate Park:vgswvgsw2rvn-sfProfile of a ravenrvn-sf2cora-legionRaven at Legion of Honor…cora legion2cora legion3cora legion5Did the Raven Dental Service advise them to brush after every meal?coras legion4BSN BIRDAbove, pair of cowbirds next to their favorite bovine, a bison in Golden Gate Park.  The cowbirds originally evolved to be able to follow these nomadic, fast-moving herds.  Below, the guy in front is a California Gull among the Westerns.CG PLUSct eetsThis yawner is a member of that super-family known as “cryptic gulls.”  He is not a full adult.  The beak is suggestive and the wings are so worn as to be muddifying at best.  The dusky speckling on the belly indicates…?  The head is rounded like a three-year gull, not big enough to be one of the westerns which were all around him…  I have no confidence in this, but might be tempted to think it is a California, taking into account location at Spreckels in late June…any corrections would be welcomed…aren’t gulls grand?GULL YAWN

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