Posted by: atowhee | June 17, 2018


My wife and I are headed home to McMinnville from the Bay Area.  Overnight we are in Mt. Shasta and we got here this afternoon in time to run up to the end of the highway on the south slope of the volcano itself.  Headed back down to town, around 6000′ elevation, I spotted a female Sooty Grouse along the edge of the highway.  Here’s the sequence:SG1Note the decorative drink can cleverly placed in the background.  At first it seemed the female Sooitty Grouse was simply slow-walking across the highway.SG2SG3SG4SG5SG6sg7Then grouselet #1 speeds out from the grass and catches up to mom…then rapidly runs past her to the far side.  Mom continues her slow walk.sg8sg9sg10sg11sg12Nest come grouselets #2 and 3.  Two being faster soon passes mom to disappear across the road.sg13sg14sg15sg16sg17#2 speeds past the halfway line just as mom and #3 get there.sg18sg19At the halfway line #3 passes mom as well.sg20Then just as mom gets to the far roadside, grouselet #4 zips across the highway at top speed and into the grass.  Mom takes a few last glances up and down the road, then she herself melts into the grass and blooming seafoam.sg22sg23sg25These grouse chicks can only be a few days old.  They have given me my best-ever photos of a grouse family.


  1. What a nice sequence!

  2. Awesome gallery!! So precious, absolutely adorable. Well done! 🙂

  3. Right place at the right time, eyes out, camera ready. Thanks Harry.

  4. WOW WOW WOW! ONLY Harry can have the wild ones come out of the woods on que!!!! FABULOUS sequence! Thank you. I am going to send it out.m a

  5. […] Speaking of grouse, here’s my antique blog about a Sooty Grouse who years ago proclaimed ownership of a small road leading up from Ashland into the national forest. We came to believe that his mate was on a nest somewhere nearby. After the young were born, the family vanished up into the forest. Speaking of Sooties, check this out from the slopes of Mt. Shasta. […]

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