Posted by: atowhee | June 14, 2018


U am in the Bay Area to talk about my San Francisco natural history book, and we are visiting with long-time friends.  Among those friends I must count the Brown Pelicans.  Because of DDT I did see pelicans the first few years after I moved to California in 1967.   NOw they are abundant, and their Bay Area Season is roughly May through December, though some immature individuals hang out all year.  The breeding adults go to southern California and coastal Mexico for their early spring breeding season, after the young are fledged, the birds head back north for better offshore fishing.  They are accompanied in each migration move by Elegant Terns and Heermann’s Gulls.  The latter shadow thue hulking pelicans to pick up any scrapes left on the water.FIVEPELThe dark-headed pelicans are immature, the dark-bodied, white-headed gulls are Heermann’s while the larger, white-bellied gulls are the Westerns, which are local breeders and abundant in Bay Area year round though they rarely venture far from open bay or ocean.PEL-GULLZSIXPELTWOPELHarbor seal, anchored in the harbor:CSL-SLEEPY

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